Nordmanni Viking Reenactment

Nordmanni Viking, Saxon & Celtic Living History


Nordmanni is a Viking reenactment group based in the North West of England.

Reenactment societies form an interesting and varied pursuit not only from an historical point but also from the enjoyment gained from interacting with an often fascinated public eager to learn of a mythical age gone by.

Nordmanni was formed in 2003 by Steve Mutch and Paul Blagg specialising in living history representing a Viking & Saxon trading settlement around the crucial dates in English history between c200 & 1066AD. Due to the of the amount of equipment we have and provide as part of the camp display, it is only reasonable to provide support for two day or larger events. Smaller events and school visits may be accommodated for on a scaled down basis, please consider this when booking

The Trading Settlement

From historical records and finds we can reenact a trading settlement that would have occurred all over the Viking & Saxon age world, or an early Celtic camp around the time of Roman occupation of Briton.

These camps would be trading in fancy goods such as glass beads, jewellery of silver and gold, special food items from far off places like pepper corns, salt and other strange spices yet to be discovered in our basic diet. Wooden made items like cups and bowls, animal skins like reindeer and wild boar together with the general day to day items in use in normal everyday living.

Bone carving was used extensively to make tools, combs and decorative items. Also prevalent would be the site armourer who would be selling arms and armour including swords, shields, ring mail & axes.

A Typical Event

As part of the overall experience of seeing a trading settlement in operation, Nordmanni will have on display and in use:

  • Viking, Saxon & Celtic Period Dress
  • Arms and Armour of the Period
  • Wood Turning on a Period Pole-Lath and Shave-Horse
  • Cooking on an Enclosed Firebox
  • Herb Lore and its uses
  • Coin Making
  • Corn Milling on a Stone Quern
  • Viking, Saxon & Celtic Period Tents
  • Bone Carving & Antler Work
  • Fletching & Arrow Making
  • Viking, Saxon & Celtic Jewelry
  • Fishing Nets Manufacturing

For further information please visit the "about us" section of our website. Thank you for visiting Nordmanni Viking reenactment group.